Red at El Corazon 3/29 @ El Corazon, Seattle [29 March]

Red at El Corazon 3/29

20:00 - 23:00

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El Corazon
109 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, Washington 98109
Wolves At The Gate
Message From Sylvia
Death Therapy

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
El Corazon 206-262-0482
109 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA
8pm (doors open at 7pm). All Ages.
$17.00 advance tix from Ticketfly.
$20.00 at the door.


Over the last decade, RED has emerged as a career artist. Their honesty and transparency about who they are as human beings, what motivates and inspires them, and what they aim to accomplish with each step forward has established an army of loyal fans.

The band's success emerged through a pure emotional connection with their audience, the power of their live performances, and most importantly, the passionate, honest dedication of band members Michael Barnes, Anthony Armstrong, and Randy Armstrong. Michael offers, «There is a certain ache in the melody and passion of our music. I feel it can reach emotionally into the soul of the listener and open up places in their heart they didn't know existed. We wear our emotions on our sleeves, and are OK with who we are and telling others about the struggles we are facing.» Anthony adds, «We deliver our music and message aggressively using themes of theatricality and delving into the darkest parts of our lives in order to bring out the good. We are relentless and will stop at nothing to deliver great music that will inspire and bring the best we've got in our performances.

The band's new album of Beauty and Rage is „about suffering and finding the beauty in that,“ says vocalist Michael. „No one in this world likes to suffer, myself included, but we only become the strong individuals we are today from the trials and hardships we faced in the past. I remember meeting a teenager on Winter Jam 2013 who had terminal cancer. He wanted to meet us because we were his favorite band. In a sense, you might consider this a tragedy since his life was going to be taken away from him at such an early age. What I saw was beauty in the way that he handled his illness. The teen was full of hope and spirit, and even in his last days he was encouraging others and wanting to give of himself to make a difference in this world. To me that is a testament of the Beauty that can be found in the Rage of life.“

To Randy, „RED has always tried to challenge listeners to be real with themselves and confront their struggles head on.“ Anthony adds, „Our struggles as humans are the catalyst for us to experience both the beauty of life and the difficult times that bring rage and confusion. One can't exist without the other. It's okay for us to descend into the darkest parts of our souls to recognize and learn how to draw the beauty out of difficulty and character flaw.“

The band's new repertoire captures this theme with intensity. The track „Part That's Holding On“ represents the pain in losing a loved one or a relationship abandoned, exploring the feelings of grief alongside the beauty of memories that were shared, and holding on to that ideal utopia that was. „Darkest Part“ dives into the emotions driven by a person needing salvation from the suffering of a deep seeded struggle within and the feelings of shame, guilt and rejection one might face when opening up to another individual. Anthony offers, „It's simply about being vulnerable. When you trust someone and show the demons you have hidden away in your life, there is a fear and likelihood of scaring someone away.“

The song „Yours Again“ exudes with emotion as Michael sings of reconciling again with what he once loved but lost, „Open up my eyes… I'm yours again.“ In the song „Gravity Lies“ Michael offers, „This is a song of self discovery in the 'truth' that you always believed about yourself due to the opinions voiced by others, yet that 'truth' does not really speak into who you are in God.“

For Randy, „Darkest Part,“ „Shadow and Soul“ and „Part that's Holding On“ most represent the realization of these recordings. „They are the most truthful dives into the human spirit we have ever attempted. As a band we have never been about pulling punches and these three songs are a punch in the throat. In the end we all have to find a way to hold on to what is right and what delivers the best version of ourselves.“

Amongst the personal favorites for the band members, Michael points to „Shadow and Soul“ which he offers was „the most challenging and satisfying song on the record. The ache and yearning in this song wrecks me every time.“ For Randy, „'Part That's Holding On' is a song that moves me just a little more than the others because it reminds me to hold on to that strength inside that is what keeps me from falling into darkness.“ As for his brother Anthony, „There isn't a single track on this record that isn't my favorite. They are all sacred to me in what they stand for.“

There is a brotherhood — literally and figuratively — that has kept the band together for the past decade. Each individual contributes to the collective, broader vision of RED. Randy reflects, „We have been friends for 27 years and this is what we have always wanted to do. When we were kids we shared the same favorite bands. They moved us, they challenged us, and ultimately encouraged us to make change. That is our goal as a band. Music is for everyone.“ For Anthony, „We've been together for so long. Of course, sharing this experience in music with your twin brother is pretty incredible. We push each other and it's a juggernaut when it comes to being passionate about every aspect of our career as artists.“

Michael offers a reveal of the greater concept at play thematically for of Beauty and Rage, sharing, „This record is very introspective, more than the last two albums, and it dives back into the days of our second album Innocence & Instinct. The concept for of Beauty and Rage is the dichotomy of good and evil, and finding Beauty out of things that we suffer within our lives. The visuals in the graphic novel and music video have these plague-masked creatures which represent the darkest evil that is inside of us trying to take us over.“ Randy elaborates, „When you are trying to reach people you don't do it with a match, you do it with the FIRE. With the visuals we came up with early this past year, we wanted to find a creative way to put the listener in a maze. The maze is this forest we found in Poland called 'The Crimson Forest.' The trees are black and the leaves turn red in the fall and drop to the ground leaving a blanket of red. It's such a beautiful, serene world that anyone could see the appeal. We draw in the listeners with these beautiful moments all over the album in the midst of the rage that represents the things that can and always go wrong in life, then we throw in some monsters (whom actually are ourselves) and they are chasing us constantly. The chase is the battle we all fight against ourselves.“

As RED looks forward, Michael shares, „2015 will be a building year for us. I am feeling very confident in the music and hope the emotions in the songs will be realized and connect well with our audience and new listeners. My hopes for beyond would be that we would be able to show this record, in live set design, to its full capacity. We would love to maximize the world that we have created between the music, graphic novel, and bring it to the live stage. We want to put on a show that is unexpected and people will be talking about for years to come.“ Randy offers, „My hopes for 2015 and beyond are just to continue to make music that people will appreciate their whole life — music we can always be proud of because we were real.“


In late 2011, Ohio post-hardcore outfit Wolves At The Gate unholstered their guns and fired a warning shot in the form of their debut EP, We Are the Ones. The 6-song set quickly gained the band a well-deserved reputation among fans and critics as a forward-thinking, art-minded group whose music was as cerebral and nuanced as it was ferocious and deliciously heavy. Now, after months of relentless touring, which saw both the band's hype and fan base swell, Wolves At The Gate are ready to pull the trigger on the release of their first full-length, Captors, an album that easily surpasses the huge potential previously displayed. No longer constrained by the limits of an EP, the members were able to showcase the explosive growth of their songwriting, from luscious, melodic rock tracks to lip-splitting hardcore stomps. „On Captors, listeners will definitely hear a more mature version of WATG with a clearer vision of how we approach our songwriting“ explains guitarist/vocalist Steve Cobucci. „As a band we have always desired to step outside the box and approach playing heavy music in a different way. There are aspect of metal that we find awesome and intense, there are elements of the hardcore scene that really appeal to us, but we don't feel like that's what listeners can hear in our music. A lot of these songs are written on the acoustic guitar because first and foremost we want people to hear songs, not just a collection of interesting parts.“ Produced by Andreas Magnussen (OH, SLEEPER, HASTE THE DAY, etc), Captors is a blisteringly heavy full-length debut with the potential to appeal to every variety of rock enthusiast — from fans of metalcore to traditional metal to mainstream hard rock. It's an album that — like those of some of WOLVES AT THE GATE's influences (As Cities Burn, Thrice, Foo Fighters, Underoath) — avoids pigeonholes and easy labels. Too artsy for „hardcore,“ too hard-hitting for „rock,“ the band members have jokingly given their music a label all its own: apple-core. „Andreas was a blast to work with! He has a great work ethic and a real ability to hear what a band should sound like,“ Cobucci says of the recording process. That's not to say the time in the studio wasn't without its share of hiccups, however. „None of this stuff was Andreas' fault at all, but it seemed as if all the odds were against us,“ Cobucci laughs. „We persistently ran into technical difficulties, whether it be with gear, hard drive crashes, or software glitches. Despite all of that, we persevered, and we're thrilled with how the record turned out.“ While most young bands spend their first few albums floundering for a sense of identity and purpose, Wolves At The Gate have artfully reversed the equation. From its inception, the band was fueled by a set of powerful principles and spiritually driven mandates against which every song, every move, every lyric is measured. „I love seeing passion in music. I love reading lyrics that are true and from the heart, and I appreciate musicians that write music they are passionate about and not falling into what is popular in the scene,“ Cobucci says. „It has been such a privilege to be blessed with the chance to give purpose to the gifts that God has given us. It's important to us that our songs have purpose both musically and lyrically and we hope that the combination will cause the listener to think and to feel the message we are seeking to convey.“ Since uniting in the small town of Cedarville, Ohio, in 2008, Wolves At The Gate have seemed destined for bigger and better things, as if tugged along by some invisible force. Little did they know just a few years ago that they would soon be touring with bands they had grown up listening to on their iPods, recording with producers whose work they admired and signing with a label — Solid State Records — they had long respected. „As you could probably gather, we've had a blast so far,“ says Cobucci. „Having the opportunity to write music for a living has been surreal for us for a number of reasons. We've been blessed with the opportunity to travel to Europe and play music there, filmed a bunch of music videos, played with awesome bands that we truly respect, and travel the country together with our best friends. It's been wild.“ The warning shot has been fired. With the release of Captors, Wolves At The Gate are taking aim at the hearts of music fans everywhere. The countdown has begun.


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. — Henry Ford

In order to progress in life — and music — change is inevitable. The inexorable forces of change are what brought the members of Message From Sylvia (MFS) together. With former bandmates leaving to start families or moving on to other projects — change happened with a simple phone call and fate began to run its course in the Summer of 2016. That phone call, facilitated by Nashville based Artist manager Erik Baker — connected the Lopez-Smith Brothers (Dane, Isaac, and Zachary) — formerly of First Decree — with vocalist Matthew Nevitt from Echovalve & DoryDrive.

Though they hail from disparate backgrounds — the Lopez-Smiths are from bucolic Cheyenne, Wyoming; Nevitt is from Peoria, Illinois — the members of Message From Sylvia found an immediate chemistry working together. That chemistry is already producing a combustible mix of explosive energy with the heavy yet melodic first single „Heart Of War“, which broke into the Top 30 @ Active Rock radio. Their second single „Right Here and Now“ and upcoming album were Produced by Sahaj Ticotin (Ra). „Right Here And Now“ is quickly climbing the charts @ Active Rock radio nationwide. Frontman Nevitt says: „We are truly humbled to have worked with someone Like Sahaj. I really feel he bled into this song and our new album just as much as any one of us!“

The members of MFS have seen success with their earlier projects: Nevitt's band DoryDrive was named „Best New Rock Band“ @ the WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) awards in 2013 and their song „Here's To You“ reached the Top 40 on the Active Rock charts in 2014. The Lopez-Smith Brothers had an incredible run in 2015 with First Decree, which saw 3 of the band's singles — »Lost In The Crowd", «Phoenix», and «This Is Our Rise» chart Top 15 @ Active Rock on the Under The Radar chart, and Top 30 on the BDs indicator chart. The band was nominated for «Best New Artist» of 2015 by Loudwire and finished in the Top 3.

All of the band's members have been «Road Warriors», collectively playing at large festivals: SXSW, Summerfest, Rock Fest, The Texas Showdown Festival, Gig It Festival, and Dirt Fest among others. They have shared the stage with acts such as Sevendust, Fuel, Candlebox, James Durbin, Alice Cooper, Adelita's Way, Pop Evil, Hinder, Hollywood Undead, 10 Years, Otherwise, In This Moment, Avatar, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Deftones, Saliva, Hed PE, and Righteous Vendetta, among others.

Message From Sylvia's ultimate goal is to have their music reach as many people as possible around the world and for their music to inspire and encourage listeners. Becoming one of the biggest hard rock bands and a household name in the rock community drives them forward. «Heart of War» was a great start and «Right Here And Now» promises to take them even further towards reaching that goal. Message From Sylvia's self-titled full length album will be released on April 7th, 2017.


Death Therapy is the nee band from Jason Wisdom, original lead vocalist and bassist for Becoming the Archetype and Solamors. The idea for Death Therapy was conceived in 2010-- a vision to craft music that is bass guitar driven, dark, groovy, and heavy. In 2015 Jason began writing and recording original music for the project, and Death Therapy was officially born.


Riverpool was formed by guitarist Justin Ankenman and vocalist Carey Thomas in 2006. Drummer Matt Arnits joined in early 2007 and Bassist Ian Wengs came to the band in 2010. With soulful vocals, edge driven guitar riffs and hard hitting bass and drums. This combination brings to life a melodic, heavy groove that separates the Riverpool sound from the masses and bridges the gap between metal and rock.
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